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Gouge of hole of Kampuchea Wu Ge 700 years ago statuary or for hospital Palladium

In report will occupy new network on August 2 Hong Kong " civil report " report, archaeological was a few days ago near hole of Kampuchea Wu Ge, gouge may come from 12 centuries evening to come of 13 centuries initial stage large and statuary,

the guardianship that this is an old hospital of local probably resembles. This statuary in 700 old that times fact before is belonged to tremendous.

It is reported, wu Ge hole

and circumjacent relics were saved large quantities of 9 differ to empire of 15 centuries Cambodia the hangover of the capital, in flourishing period, this city and hundreds cloister are so-called have 100 much population, it is world population one dense before industrial center.

Discover statuary place, it is Wu Ge dynasty postscript of Ye of the famousest and kingly Zuo rub the hospital relics that 7 worlds period builds, statuary bury in 40 centimeters of place end the ground.

Management board says, statuary make by Sha Yan, arm and leg ministry rupture, but the body and head are very beautiful still.

Original title: Gouge of hole of Kampuchea Wu Ge 700 years ago statuary or edit for hospital Palladium responsibility: Ceng Shaolin


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