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Of Jierjisisitan's president female bask in lactation to illuminate bring controversy photograph to already was removed

The daughter of Jierjisisitan's president basks in the nurse that gives a piece to wear underwear only to illuminate on gregarious network, cause controversy to censure even unexpectedly, must remove next photographs.

The BBC will report on July 30, the young daughter A Liya that auspicious president Aermaci fastens Keatanbayefu Shajiyewa, write: Whenever He De, I can be nursed when the child needs.

A few peoples criticise Shajiyewa has decency, also be opposite even presidential husband and wife the daughter's practice is grouchy. She says, parents fears the pe

ople's attention can harm her little family. Shajiyewa deletes that card later.

Nevertheless, shajiyewa thinks, lactation illuminates itself not low common, her body aims to satisfy the physiology requirement of my child, not should by affection color is changed. Just, parents also likes not quite really. This can understand, because young generation is so conservative without parental generation.

Shajiyewa often is sent on gregarious media post, the work of art that basks in oneself mixes a when often be setting in order to widen landscape 3 are illuminated. She is building the public consciousness aspect that signs little patient and animal right integratedly about Tang very active.

The society guards Jierjisisitan quite, but allow communal circumstance lactation. The female can obscure with lactation towel normally breast. Communal circumstance lactation is

in many countries also are controversy topic. 3 years ago, a female is when the dining-room lactation of the hotel of carat Li Jisi with British famed London by requirement cover up a scandal, cause outcry. (Chen Dan) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]

Original title: Is warmth still pornography? Of auspicious president female bask in lactation to illuminate offend controversy responsibility editor: Ceng Shaolin


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