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Install rate of times ministerial support to steep fall but " An Beiman head " in Japan heat sells

According to Japan " daily newspaper sports " will report on July 31, the near future is in Japan street, with Japanese premier An Beijin steamed bread sales volume climbs the 3 small advance that are prototype successively litre. Although all show according to the data of public opinion poll of each media statistic, install rate of times ministerial support to drop ceaselessly, but the pastry shop big cane that makes small advance steamed bread expresses however, the likelihood suffers An Beijin the influence of the number increase with medium 3 now news, increased with the sales volume that photograph of the corresponding period compared this mug-up 2016 20% .

Small advance steamed bread was installed in September 2006 times when taking up the post of premier the 1st times, begin to

sell, in all work off 550 thousand box, become at that time the star product in inn. After this,

because install rate of times ministerial support to reduce,wait for a reason, inn ever just planned to stop to sell, but after publicizing those who wrap mount the small advance steamed bread with language emulative instead, sales volume however be able to bring the dying back to life. 2017, inn just rolled out the small advance steamed bread of tremble again, the wrap up in the steamed bread is worn mug-up of traditional day type is commonly used sweet chestnut stuffing, this and the capacity that bring times standpatter happen to have the same view. (The exercitation compiles: Ceng Zitong goes over a manuscript or draft: Wang Huan)

Responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension


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