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De Qi moves hamburger to hold knife assault case to fear investigating instead: Or department horror makes a surprise attack

In report will occupy new network on August 1 outside intermediary report, the investigation that arrange of German federal total procuratorial work announces to take over hamburger supermarket to oppose proposal of knife do violence works. The reason is to commit the crime the person has intention of extremely Mohammedan creed probably, if the circumstance is belonged to solid, this is horrible assault incident.

In view of the special significance of this case, arrange of

German federal total procuratorial work will express to will take over investigation job on July 31, say the case has background of extremely Mohammedan creed probably. Check just figures, was suspect of 26 years old to appear to be changed extremely before commit the crim

e. But the member that still shows without evidence he is Mohammedan country or other and horrible organization.

Arrange of federal procuratorial work still expresses, there is the clew that discovery has other accomplice additionally or the behind the curtain incites in investigation. This suspect according to Mohammedan creed in the be determined before committing the crime two days dogmatic change lives, decide in what committed the crime to made executive force make a surprise attack that day. The person that he hopes he can as be buried alive with the dead is gone.

This Palestine man last week 5 in hamburger Bamubeike area (a supermarket uses Barmbek) Dao Xi strikes another person, a man of 50 years old is not treated to die into serious injury by thorn, additionally 7 people get hurt. The suspect is investigated to imprison at present.

Commit the crime factitious Palestine descendantses, put forward to take refugee in Germany application by refus hind, this answering the near future by repatriate. Say according to hamburger Home Office, this suspect very cooperate repatriate to work, but the proof file that because Palestine authorities has not provided repatriate place,requires, repatriate acts by defer.

German constitution protects branch and police to have on record to this average per capita, but regard its as Mohammedan creed the element only, element of battle of emperor of and rather than, not be the person that constitute menace to public safety more. In addition still evidence shows, the mental psychology state of this suspect is not stable.

Original title: De Qi moves hamburger to hold knife assault case to fear investigating instead: Or department horror assaults responsibility editor: Ceng Shaolin


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