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Install to protect support to lead times plan to be used from civilian criticize force to change inter block cabinet within the party

In report will occupy new network on July 31 day intermediary report, japanese premier brings times advance 3 considerations most the appoint in antedating to the cabinet that will carry out on August 3 reorganizations and be adjusted from human affairs of civilian party high le

vel and the assemblyman that install times cabinet to maintain a distance hold the position of important post.

The report says, add in Japanology officer legal person plan the ministerial support rate such as lyceum problem glides continuously, install below this circumstance times desire hook in within the party critical force with period build entire party state. The public figure that includes new reinstate to ever had held the position of cabinet official inside, install times apt to build take defended person selected seriously.

Reorganization around human affairs, how times this month 9 days express to media, will maintaining governmental core frame while, strive to realize popular feeling anew. But if much appoint ability is unidentified enter cabinet personage first or with the friend that brings times relation to be close to, may bring about cohesive affinity to drop.

How times think, if appoint puts forward expostulatory senior assemblyman to hold the position of important post to the government all the time, can prevent to criticize force and government to go gradually gradually far, also can give the outside brand-new impression at the same time.

The report says, specific for, the 2nd installs what times cabinet holds water hold the position of since December 2012 from chairman of civilian party general affairs before advance total minister what defensive posture holds the position of when postal Xiang Yetian's the Son of God and the 3rd cabinet December 2014 hold water from civilian party modification constitution representative. Open field ever s

till considered to enter the party president election September 2015 for a time. Cereal is added in plan the problem such as lyceum offers an opinion to governmental operation.

It is reported, japan from civilian within the party also the opinion thinks to answer concessive how times maintain a distance hind how times candidate, before feldspar of party a secretary in charge of sth is broken luxuriant into cabinet.

Stone is broken say in the circumstance such as the speech even if of should active appoint is elected as a frequency less but very the person of effort, deny oneself to will join cabinet. The ridge hill city that he still is in 30 days expresses in the speech, say in street nowadays from civilian party marvelous countryman is not much.

Bring times plan 31 days as fair as Japan bright party party head mountain pass Na Jinnan holds a talk. Requirement of mountain pass general is public the well of stone of photograph of Japan ground transportation of bright party one's previous experience opens one be reappointed consecutively, how times predict to will accept this one demand.

Responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension


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