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Han Ministry of Foreign Affairs will set outside advisory committee to help force diplomacy innovation

According to Han Lian the company will report on July 31, will rise on August 2, korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs appoint 15 experts are outside advisory adviser, establish outside advisory committee formally, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reform helps strength.

According to the report, the relevant domain such as the organization that these 15 experts involve society of academia, citizen, enterprise and relevant section, budget, human affairs, administration. Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs appoints minister of foreign affairs 11 days special assistant Wu Ying bead (sound) for colonel, establish the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reform a working group. Listen to outside opinion to reforming plan to plan initia

l stage, immediately of Ministry of Foreign Affairs begins choose external advisory commissioner.

On August 2, kang Jinghe will grant proxy to advisory committee member, hold the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with them subsequently conference of special working group, on the base that there is an organization to report as a result in the working group, gather the opinion of external advisory commissioner, spread out discuss.

Korea Ministry of

Foreign Affairs expresses, through reforming the discussion with special working group and outside active and efficient advisory committee, make reform plan. Make the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that society of national accredit, international approbates hard. (The exercitation compiles: Chen Huanhuan goes over a manuscript or draft: Li Tingting)


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