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Qatar denies country of sanded special grade to allow its to use air corridor: False information

Abroad net on July 31 report local time 30 days, 4 countries express chief of a trib

e of couplet of Saudi Arabia, A, Egypt and Bahrain, they will allow Qatar plane to use its air corridor below emergency, but Qatar government denied this one information however, state these countries are travelling " false information " .

According to British Reuter report, these 4 countries will sever a relationship with Qatar on June 5, closed Liu Hai's empty border, implemented economic sanction to Qatar. Country of sanded special grade criticises Qatar support is terroristic, but many haing respect gave deny.

Because airspace got be affected badly, qatar already asked international Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) discusses this issue at holding special meeting 31 days.

News agency of sand spy state expresses 30 days, management board of Saudi Arabia aviation (GACA) makes a statement, say to had agreed to wi

ll open urgent air corridor on August 1. It is reported, sand spy respect already decided include to be located in territorial air of international of Mediterranean upper part inside add up to 9 air corridor.

Nevertheless, qatar traffic Department of Transportation and aviation branch denied 4 countries to make such decision however. Before the conference of international Civil Aviation Organization that Qatar respect still appeals to 4 countries are not in sanded special grade 31 days is held, distribute " false information " .

As we have learned, air corridor is the two side that connected a line at 2 o'clock have channel of the flight in the sky of 5 kilometers width each, the flight between dot and dot is carried out inside corridor for aerostat, the smallest must not be less than 4 kilometers. Make aerostat undertakes strictly flying according to corridor, avoid aerostat to enter the limitative area besides corridor.

30 days, these 4 Arabia countries with Qatar disengage still express, if breath out a respect to be willing to respond to their requirement more, 4 countries are ready also will solve each other through negotiating the conflict between. (Compile / abroad net Zhang Ni)


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