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Successive two light are added exceed 7000! Korea government is announced strengthen measure of edition epidemic prevention

In new network integrated Han intermediary will report report on December 16, in the center of Korea cadre of epidemic prevention countermeasure is reported 16 days, korea day adds case of illness of new coronal diagnose to amount to 7622, successive two days exceed 7000. Have new coronal to weigh disease patient 989, again refresh record. With day, korea government was announced strengthen measure of edition epidemic prevention, undertake limitative to private party strength and service facilities business hours.

According to the report, 16 days, jin Fuqian of Korea state prime minister is announced strengthen measure of edition epidemic prevention. The executive time of epicycle measure is came on December 18, 2021 on January 2, 2022. During this, inside limits of Korea whole nation, upper limit of private party strength is reduced to 4 people. Inside the establishment such as hall of dining-room, coffee, the person that finish have an inoculation of new coronal vaccine allows 4 people to enter at most inside, not vaccinal person allow 1 person to enter inside, more than 1 person bales or outside sell send eat.

On the other hand, korea government the basis of guaze mask adorn circumstance, can deny the standard such as repast, undertake limitative to the business hours of people facilities. The risk is spent allow hall to do business only relative to higher public place of entertainment, dining-room, coffee to in the evening at 9 o'clock. Cinema, Internet bar can do business to in the evening at 10 o'clock, class of teenage exam take lessons after school allows to break rules.

Korea government returns a decision, the participation that reduces large-scale activity and assembly number upper limit, of certain dimensions above reveal meeting, exposition and international conference to wait, also system of pass of will applicable epidemic prevention.

The report says, jin Fuqian expresses, epicyc

le measure will carry out 16 days, the government will is opposite in year end epidemic prevention circumstance undertakes assessment afresh. He is affirmatory still, the government will be during time-out and mode of epidemic prevention of new coronal coexistence, consolidate medical treatment answers ability, appeal the people is active vaccination, cooperate epidemic prevention.


inal title: Successive two light are added exceed 7000! Korea government announces strengthen editor of responsibility of measure of edition epidemic prevention: Ceng Shaolin


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