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Europe encounters winter storm strong snowfall assaults the 10 21 people inside the day to die

Several days ago Europe still is enmeshed in New Year among the romance of first snowfall, wind of the picture after a few days is choppy, the blizzard that stops no less than coming already caused road to be stranded by bury, thousands of person, the country such as Germany, Austria releases blizzard red early-warning in succession. Associated press message says, go 10 days, the strong snowfall that winter storm causes already brought about Europe to 21 people die.

The United States " congress hill signs up for " the message says, local time on January 11, a hotel encounters Switzerland avalanche, cause death of at least 4 people, additionally 3 people get hurt; 2 skiers die

in the avalanche of Bulgaria mountain range; After a driver drives to flow into frozen river, Germany dies.

According to " annals signs up for Na Deyi " report, local time on January 9, a tree is near German Munich below the weigh of snow collapse, a boy of 9 years old is pressed to die; Still

a German female of 54 years old is frozen to death to be in her car.

German media says, on January 11, germany because blizzard is stricken be hit by a natural adversity the case is very severe. Snowfall brings about public life to be immersed in break down, the rail of German south and area of the eastpart part, highway is cut off by firn and flat tree almost. Munich has 90 airliners to be cancelled about, the partial flight number of Frankfurt is large also limits defer. Be in the area of Germany, Czech and Austrian border on, cut off the water supply of about 9000 households cuts off the power.

BBC (BBC) express, ply of firn of Austrian part area exceeds 3 rice hind, at least 7 people die. Kinetic institute weighs atmosphere and earth in the center of Austria: The snowfall of this kind of ply in altitude fact of area of 800 meters of above is belonged to infrequent, every 30 happen to 100 years of ability.

It is reported, to answer strong snowfall weather, european country made lash-up plan in succession. Austrian army expedites helicopter to blow snow from the tip of a tree, in order to reduce the risk that tree falls to go up in highway and railroad; Germany also expedites 200 soldiers help to strand the hundreds person in snow, use car of for military use to convey food; In the Albania, 2000 soldiers and personnel of aid of close emergency treatment are helped by the clique suffer tired personnel. (abroad net Zhang Qi)

Original title: Europe assaults responsibility of death of the 10 21 people inside the day to edit by winter storm: Li Xiaoling


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