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Money Korea does not feel distressed when having a thing YOLO a group of things with common features breaks law of favour case Er

Recently, li Mou of 29 years old just resigns went to Japan travelling. The work that Li Mou shows to he is measured to passing feels exhaustion, want to throw quit working gold to the time for oneself entirely.

Leading such think of a way, the course that Li Mou attends day of journey is along the dining-room that wants to go at ordinary times. Although taking the salary of the firewood when be close to lowest, also won't eating above grudge money. Also cannot buy a house anyway, enjoy now is the first place. Li Mou says lightly.

Korea media Edaily says, li Mou can say to representing YOLO of the closest Korea a group of things with common features (You Only Live Once indulge in pleasures in time give a flock of people for credo) trend.

Coefficient of Er of Korea favour case is unusual rise

Edaily says, korea national income increases recently, however strange is, coefficient of favour case Er shows ascendant trend however. Among them, the strength of team of YOLO a group of things with common features is paid close attention to.

Coefficient of favour case Er is the proportion that food expenses amount holds an individual to consume defray amount. Income of a family is less, in domestic income (or in total outlay) jump over with the scale that will buy alimental defray place to occupy big, as the addition of domestic income, in domestic income (or in total outlay) with will buy alimental pay scale to be able to drop. Push and wide, a country is poorer, in the average income of every countryman (or in average pay) use at buying alimental defray place to hold proportion bigger, as the country rich, this scale shows downtrend.

However law of Er of cas

e of this kind of favour is broken however of late, hopeful of per capita of next year Korea breaks through 30 thousand dollar, here setting falls, coefficient achieves Engeer 7 years to come however new tall.

Occupy Korea Central Bank 8 days data, coefficient of favour case

Er was last year 12.66, was 2009 (since 12.56) highest value. Before this, law of favour case Er gets reflecting all the time in Korea, was as high as 43.53 1970, 1990 with was respectively 2000 26.84 with 15.98, fell 2007 to 12.42.

Pull the Korea YOLO that moves index of favour case Er to rise a group of things with common features

Modern economy academy studies Korea commissarial Hong Zhunbiao (sound) express, coefficient of Er of Korea favour case has dropped to compare low level, drop very hard considerably again. Grow in quantity of family of economic progress, husband and wife both at work and outer repast number increase wait to bring about Engeer possibly coefficient rises.

The report says, the formula of desert afternoon tea that is central popularity with young layer is representative example. Mix according to ministry of food of livestock product of Korea aricultural ministry provision of Korea farming aquatic product is current communal data, sweetmeat market dimensions achieved Korea last year 8 million 976 billion Han Yuan's sale.

The personage thinks related LG economy academy, it is difficult also that assemble money buys a house hard, many YOLO a group of things with common features seek through cate comfort, the in coming on stage to develop to also make more and more people pursue daily life with the height of SNS small luxury of star chef, go for example high-grade hotel drinks afternoon tea, eat a desert to wait.

Original title: Money Korea does not feel distressed when having a thing YOLO a group of things with common features breaks editor of responsibility of law of favour case Er: Ceng Shaolin


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