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Beautiful day will hold associated training to plan to be carried out first in Hokkaido " osprey " night flies

Japanese joint company will learn when onshore to Japan militia is interviewed on August 2, in the with American Marine Corps combination training that Japanese land is considering to will be carried out in Hokkaido in August oneself, the new-style transport osprey that allows the airport between day of general of subject U.S. Army begins nightly flight. If carry out, this will be beautiful day associated training undertakes osprey night flies first.

The report says, when the osprey transport between subject general day cheers training in nightly in December 2016 sky, ceng Zaichong rope this

insular north is coastal object the sea damages badly etc, nightly flight may suffer the opposition of local people.

Associated training comes 10 days 28 days to be reached in field of Hokkaido old practice on this month on maneuver field holds Fu Liangye. 6 osprey meantime is in U.S. Army 3 lustre base spreads out apply, will fly go to field of afore-mentioned two place maneuver.

According to beautiful day " noise avoids a deal " , use a field except the U.S. Army must

beyond the circumstance, fell since limitation later at 10 o'clock in the evening, both sides will be harmonious train inside agreement range.

Training is being begun in Hokkaido is to be based on the Okinawa county base of the beautiful day agreement September 2016 to decrease one of negative measure. Nevertheless, japanese land did not disclose specific flight line oneself. [reporter Wang Huan]

Original title: Beautiful day will hold associated training to plan to carry out first in Hokkaido " osprey " nocturnal flying responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin


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