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Measure of Xin Zengan check already tore open hill of Temple of God cling to end with tight situation hopeful

In report will report new net integratedly on July 28, jerusalem Mu Fu is carried (Mohammedan cacique) because Mohammed · Hou Sai announces 27 days this month, moslem is aimed at " exalted forbidden area " (Israel calls hill of Temple of God) inside the boycott activity of measure of Xin Zengan check already ended, can head for prayer.

Because Hou Sai says, demolish in Israel all this month after the 14 equipment installing check that add newly in the future, moslem can be returned be located in " exalted forbidden area " A Kesa mosque undertakes prayer.

Israel police spokesman Ba Samuli affirmed Lu that day, already dismantled all installation installing check that increase after 14 days with police. Eyewitness says, all device that install check already were moved to divide, partial Palestinian gathers for this celebrate.

" Jerusalem Post " report, this hopeful ends the near future with cling to the tight situation between.

Two Israel police is raided 14 days this month in hill of Temple of God die, with just entering the mouth in hill of Temple of God subsequently place installation metal explores the door, cause Palestinian protest, bilateral conflict causes death of at least 10 people, even more 500 people are injured.

25 days, the metal that decides to demolish entrance of hill of Temple of God to be in with safe cabinet explores the door, use those who be based

on advanced technique equipment " intelligence installs check system " replace a metal to explore the door. Official of religion of Moslem of a Jerusalem shows subsequently, do not ac

cept the decision with safe cabinet, will continue to protest, be moved to divide entirely till establishment of all Xin Zengan check.


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