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Kenya discovers Zheng He issues remains of character of consanguineous person of western times China

Kenya of Xinhua News Agency is pulled solemn the associated archaeology group that electric China, United States and Kenya expert will form on July 28 pulls Mu Jun in Kenya graceful announce on forum of first Gu Jinzhong country that amounts to an island 28 days to kick off and international of East Africa connection, in graceful amounted to an island to discover have remains of China's consanguin

eous 3 people character. American archaeology scholar checks Pukuxinba to say, th

is is archaeology scholar have remains of China's consanguineous archaic person character in discovery of East Africa area first. Zhu Tiequan of Zhongshan college associate professor says, use carbon 14 measure year of technical earnings result to show, among them the times that one person may live in the West below Zheng He.

Original title: Kenya discovers responsibility of remains of character of consanguineous person of China of times of the West below Zheng He edits: Su Shiying


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