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Japanese premier installs times congress to rejoin with respect to scandal flaw 100 sincere letters are oppugned with all possible means by

In report will report new net integratedly on July 27, recently, around add plan lyceum runs belong to the same organization of veterinary medicine ministry, japanese premier installs times Jin Sanlian add two days to examine minutely in congress by opposition. He is to should take the opportunity originally for him wash suspicion, in replying unexpectedly however by opposition uncover flaw, 26 days of double doubt bring Japanese public opinion this month the sincere letter of times.

According to the report, bringing the biggest weak point of times is, in the hole on time place 100. This year on March 13, he replies inside senate, know to add plan should applying veterinary medicine ministry is 15 years ago 2007.

This year will mix 16 days on June 5, his answer is me was to arrive to install times government to appear on the stage, just know to love Yuan county today plan city (add plan lyceum base area) project of special zone of application country str

ategy. This Zhou Yi, ask about this the thing again when opposition assemblyman when, his answer just knew this thing on January 20 this year.

Boat of lotus of party chieftain of Japanese opposition Democratic Progressive Party indissolubles install times pairs of understanding of a thing to be able to differ 15 years, the day before yesterday when ask a question high-key the painful foot shell that holds him: Your rejoin pendulous, because you are done not have,reply according to the fact. Still have, those who make a person disappointed is, the answer of official of premier government office all escapes pattern, not be record abolish, this thing is done not have in be being remembered namely. Such congress rejoins, why to show you have sincere letter?

The report says, how times that day in rejoining, try put out a fire, in order to comb not clear and cause a disorder to explain, and return him argue one's case the reason of jumble date is to was not distinguished, opposition assemblyman wants what he replies is to add plan lyceum, the county love Yuan that still should apply for to become national strategy special zone orders city today. Opposition assemblyman thinks, he this is chicanery.

As we have learned, county of Japanese love Yuan is treated today city and add plan the issue that lyceum first time raises to apply for but date from comes 2007. " morning sun news " point out yesterday, install the times ministerial secretary-general that in those days still is government of springlet simple man, devote oneself to to promote structural reform, he ought to know this thing in those days.

Besides, it refers requisition 15 times, hanging 5 times at first add plan lyceum name. Japan " morning sun news " install does this one report still think times after be in office the 2nd times, add plan the hope that lyceum shares special zone project greatens apparently.

This report points out, japan has all 16 ability to do the institution of higher learning of veterinary medicine ministry, but add only plan in project of special zone be been in by the row. Tierce interviewed this officer director after September last year bring the ministerial cabinet official of times, did not eliminate Japanese government unit to also make opaque decision.

in bank of thrust minister of foreign affairs Tian Wenxiong challenges Japanese head phasic from civilian pa

rty founding member, before a secretary in charge of sth grows Gu Hecheng 26 days to be in what send newly " daily weekly publication " in point out, how times do not know convergence, this is his deadly injury. As politician, especially the photograph of one country, power be under one's control ought to become modester more.

Original title: Install times congress to rejoin with respect to scandal flaw 100 sincere letters oppugn responsibility editor with all possible means by: Ji Wei dimension


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