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Two polices of American are entered by accident civilian shoot curtilage kill innocent people to cause public opinion attention

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w network on July 27 outside intermediary report, american close cc compares a city two polices were entered by accident a few days ago civilian curtilage, beat dead with the gun a Xi Yuyi's dweller, cause the outside to be opposite again alarm civilian the attention of dispute.


Close cc holds county in the palm than city surname all alone (Qian Pien of Desoto County) inquisitor (John Champion) expresses, city of two seas article (when the residence that Southaven) police comes to Luo Peici of Xi Yuyi's dweller in the morning at 24 days, dog of an ox head rushed from within, cause among them a police shoots to bovine head dog. Luo Peici sees state, aim oneself gun the police, both sides is immersed in confront each other.

Qian Pien says, two attendant polices ask Luo Peici puts down the gun ceaselessly, luo Peici rejects give in, force among them a police opened several guns to Luo Peici finally.

The lawyer Welles that earths up at present family member on behalf of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces (Murray Wells) expresses, in Home Luo Peici although have a gun, but he opens the door the gun was not carried on the body when seeing a police. Welles emphasizes, luo Peici's wife and neighbour did not hear a police to pair of Luo Peici make known to lower levels command before police shoots.

Welles points out, the apprehension at that time is opposite police station of sea article city seem county (the Pierman of Tate County) (Pearman) . And the clear is keeping his home address on Luo Peici's mailbox and house, police is to do not have reason to get a place wrong really.

It is reported, did not track police to shoot up to now federally reduce civilian case amount. Can accurate without official statistic data report reflects the problem that the police shoots to civilian. The record shows, the lock that minority a group of things with common features descendantses to become police more easily decides an object. Be in many places, the victim of even more half the number is descendants of minority a group of things with common features.

Original title: Two polices of American enter by accident civilian shoot curtilage kill innocent people to cause public opinion to pay close attention to responsibility editor: Ji Wei dimension


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