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The government will cut down Telangpu possibly considerably oil gas extracts the license handles time

Will report on July 25 according to website of American commerce inside, a personage that Home Office of familiar United States works says, plan of American Home Office extracts public land oil gas the license deals with time acute to decrease to 30 days.

According to the report, 24 days, sentedeweituo accepts the article of energy policy adviser of An Jinkai of luck of American interior minister when network of American politics news interviews, say: We plan to reduce conduction time really to 30 days in order to make all formalities as far as possible brief, but also can ensure at the same time do not violate environmental protection job.

Vinson expresses especially, examine technological process through coordinating an environment in the round, namely one-stop shopping mode, we are appetent the commercial partner with become better.

The report points out, if what say especially according to Vinson, conduction time of license of exploitation of confederative land oil gas will decrease than now 71% .

2015, exploitation license conduction time needs on average federally 220 weekday.

Come several years, when the sources of energy when each city land and private land manufactures ceaseless output, republic partisans and exploitation advocate are in all the time critically Aobama the government hampered the sources of energy of confederative land is produced. Dominant of the sources of energy is the core part in creed of Telangpu's president economy. By June, telangpu ever told the sources of energy the presidents of the industry say: The Yuan Chao that we have crosses our in

stitute forecast, below the processing of predecessor government, so many land is prohibited disentombing. (The exercitation compiles: Liu Dengfeng goes over a

manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)

Original title: Pass Telangpu the government is about to cut down oil gas to extract the license deals with time responsibility to edit considerably: Ji Wei dimension


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