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American jeweller Tiffany falls oneself social status notifies good customer

Login register Tiffany of jeweller of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to fall oneself does social status show: of good consumer origin? This ┥ paralysis?2017-07-26 19:45 Http://

American jeweller Tiffany Co. Undertook cooperative with group of perfume tycoon Coty a few days ago, roll out first perfume product. To this, tiffany Co. Express, the company hopes to borrow this to be built in sweet atmosphere the position of beauty makeup domain enlarges consumer market gradually. Break a company to be in what 12 months were faced with all the time in the past to sell backwater corner with inn thereby. It is reported, 2016 money year, tiffany Co. Sale decreases compared to the same period 3% to 4 billion dollar, the sale that be the same as inn glides 5% , net profit drops 3.8% to 446 mill

ion dollar, presiding apparitor FredericCumenal also is left off his post accordingly.

The personage inside course of study points out, tiffany Co. At present outstanding achievement suffocate suffocate, not be oneself reason merely, the influence jewelry industry that gets big environment also greeted cold winter it seems that. And Tiffany Co. Should enlarge customer target what instantly solves urgently namely and make sale reform.

Extend perfume category

Recently, tiffany Co. Announce to will cooperate with Coty group roll out perfume product, be in new York on August 1 the Bloomingdale general merchandise of 59 streets and flagship store open carry out. After October 1, perfume product will begin to be inside global limits put on sale, the price is between 75-132 dollar. With perfume at the same time of put on sale still have body breast and bath dew, the price is between 45-100 dollar.

It is reported, this is Tiffany Co. With retail associate cooperate first, undertake large-scale whole world is sold.

Tiffany Co. The respect expresses publicly, tiffany Co. It is one of brands of international hard excessive, and unique perfume flavor can represent a brand more. And the expert that Coty group is perfume industry, this to Tiffany Co. Expand business of United States makeup very helpful.

Coty group also is responded to say, tifany Co. It is the gem brand that company only cooperates, and the development that Tiffany also suits Coty group very much, hope at the same time can Tiffany Co. Build a powerful perfume business brand.

Besides outspread category, tiffany Co. Because suffer tired outstanding achievement,still develop and undertook shuffling to company high level. Tiffany Co. Because group sale lasts,announce ba

ckwater, will be in charge of AlessandroBogliolo high to take over CEO by Bao Geli predecessor one duty. It is reported, alessandroBogliolo Ceng Zaibao effectiveness of Ge Lizhu treasure 16 years, ever still held the position of LVMH banner to issue United States makeup to taste shopkeeper silk the North America of Fu orchid is presiding operation official.

To this, the personage inside course of study is analysed, during new officer assumes office, the brand must face gem market low fan and the awkward aspect that idea of millennium generation consumption alters ceaselessly. How to let gem cater to masses grade, it is the problem that CEO of this Xin Jin solves urgently.

Outstanding achievement glides continuously

Be good at the Tiffany Co of taletelling. In recent years outstanding achievement glides continuously. According to money newspaper showed 2016, tiffany Co. Four billion and one million eight hundred thousand dollar is in global turnover, relatively 2015 money year four billion one hundred and four million nine hundred thousand dollar drops 2.5% ; Net profit drops 3.8% to 446.1 million dollar, and 2015 money year the corresponding period is 463.9 million dollar, annual EPS also by 2015 money year 3.59 dollars fall to 3.55 dollars.

The newspaper of newest quarter money 2017 shows, tiffany Co. Although net profit rises compared to the same period 7.9% , sale and the corresponding period kept balance last year, but the sale that be the same as inn drops compared to the same period however 3.4% . Sell area analysis from the brand, outside dividing Chinese market, other country market all appears of different level glide.

Sale of division of Euramerican and other places glides 3% , the sale that be the same as inn decreases 4% ; Japanese area sale drops 2% to 128 million dollar, the sale that be the same as inn also drops 1% ; The Asia-Pacific area sale outside dividing Japan is recorded so that the amplitude of 8% comes 257 million dollar, the sale that be the same as inn glides 3% .

Enlarge consumptive cardinal number

Tiffany Co. Outside reason of oneself of eliminate of successional inside the industry suffocate suffocate, one part reason is affected by gem market depression. industry of whole jewelry, be in backwater at present not before the corner that ebbs even, tiffany Co. Development appears intentional and faint.

The personage points out related jewel trade commissioner, the rate of put up the shutters of jewelry industry rose last year 53% , right at present jewelry industry feels anxious, the masses has begun to lose interest to gem, whole industry is in outstanding achievement to drop ceaselessly, in the menace of put up the shutters.

In the meantime, tiffany Co. Suffer tired at transition, find right sale strategy hard. At present consumptive brunt becomes younger and younger change, and they to gem the interest of product of this kinds of many gold is in however reduce ceaselessly.

To please young customer, tiffany Co. Ever rolled out gregarious media ReturntoLove last year, match young sale strategy, begin to make the public talk for label with LoveNotLike endowment.

Not only such, tiffany Co. Follow the lead of the brand such as Kadeya and when red discharge little unripe cooperation takes the place of character, do one's best drives consumption with vogue, but outstanding achievement still sees improvement hard.

Tiffany Co. Vice-president CarolineNaggier expresses, the brand will hold to the fixed position of high-quality jewelry forever, the main reason that rolls out perfume is to enlarge consumer dimensions.

However the personage inside course of study points out, tiffany Co. It is to invite no matter hold the post of CEO newly or roll out perfume, want to turn over need puts down him the identity of hard excessive, roll out the innovation that can attract new customer product, enlarge customer target gradually and make reform to sale strategy, ability is gone against below the big environment of continuous decline situation and on.

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