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Eventually, telangpu spoke next couplet holding the post of the United States store the chairman is popular person selected

Washington of Xinhua News Agency on Ju

ly 25 report (make friends with a man of higher position of reporter Jiang Yujuan) American president Telangpu says 25 days, currently hold the post ofbeautiful couplet store chairman Ye human relations with Cohen of director of Economic Comm

ission of country of the White House all be next allowing beautiful couplet store popular person selected of the chairman.

Telangpu was being accepted that day " wall street daily " when interviewing, say, job of Ye human relations is capable, be next allowing beautiful couplet store strong competitor of the chairman. He says: "I am happy to see keep low interest rate. She (Ye human relations) support low interest rate all the time. She (Ye human relations) support low interest rate all the time..

To Cohen's job, telangpu is admiring also have add, weigh him " absolutely " couplet is in the beauty store chairman candidate.

Telangpu still expresses in interview, he also is considering other 3 two person selected, but he did not disclose specific list. Telangpu still says, he just can announce beautiful couplet possibly to the end of the year store chairman nomination person selected.

The lieutenancy of Ye human relations will end in Feburary at next year. Ye human relations said when United States Congress attends a hearing recently, she can work full this lieutenancy. To denying be reappointed consecutively then, she states meeting and president discuss this matter.

Cohen says when accepting media to interview before this, he is very satisfactory to present job, to beautiful couplet store chairman one duty disinclination. It is reported, since this paragraph of time, cohen is helping Telangpu choose beautiful couplet all the time store appropriate person selected of the chairman.

Beautiful couplet store share 7 director seat, current and vacant 3 banquet. Before this, has the White House nominated Randal of manager of illicit collect investment? Boast Er this hold the position of beautiful couplet store director and the vice-chairman that are in charge of finance superintending. American media predicting the White House can announce additionally two beautiful couplet as soon as possible store director nomination person selected with fill vacant.

Outside dividing Ye human relations, currently hold the post ofbeautiful couplet store the lieutenancy of vice-chairman Feixier also will expire at next year. (client of Xinhua News Agency is carried)


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