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Japan discovers about a hundred cestode inside some hospital ward 38 operations are forced break down

According to Japan " read sell news " will report on July 25, 24 days, jade county sends announcement to say, in the surgery that establishs center of children medical treatment in the county and ward, discovered the to bite bug of millimeter of 1~2 of about a hundred body length.

Whether do these bug affect a patient to reach occurrence rea

son still ambiguous. Current, center of this medical treatment is undertaking destroying bug works, former 38 operations on 24~25 day are full break down.

According to prefectural hospital bureau the investigation of management division, 19 days, the patient is being hired from mobile go-cart 1 discovered in the book that come. 21 days, to bite bug also discovered in other ward. 22~23 day, medical treatment center undertook checking to each surgery and ward, discover to to bite bug exists in 41 houses

, every house each 1~10 or so.

To bite bug is harmless to human body, but may bring about allergy, cause mite bug. If medical treatment center completes the work that kill insect, 26 days will resume an operation. (The exercitation compiles: Feng Ruru goes over a manuscript or draft: Ma Li)


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