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Shop of port of United States China inbreaks by the gangster that hold a knife, 86 years old of old people repel his with bamboo pole

In new network on July 25 report, according to coverage of American Chinese network, sfgate message says, local time 23 days, american san Francisco China port a store operator of 86 years old holds a knife to rob by the person, this brave old person uses gangster of bamboo pole stroke, repel its.

The cereal song vista of the shop

San Francisco police station says, 23 days afternoon 3:51, 49 years old of men hold a knife 700 numbers to carry out in Grant highway rob, by 86 years old of old people are repelled.

At that time, this gangster captures merchant, push his afterbrain spoon ceaselessly. Merchant discovers to there is a knife in gangster hand, subsequently merchant captures defend oneself of a bamboo pole, do not break stroke gangster, till gangster hand medium knife falls on the ground, final storehouse anxiety escapes.

Before long hind, this gangster is arrested by

police, have not publish his name at present. Police says, this brave old person head gets hurt, but he rejects to accept treatment.

(primary problem is " shop of port of United States China inbreaks 86 years old by the gangster that hold a

knife the old person repels his with bamboo pole " )

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