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Message personage: Dilesen is considering American Secretary of State to resign ahead of schedule

Two messages personage is right network of news of American cable television (CNN) discloses, because Dilesen is opposite American Secretary of State,the disappointed feeling of

means of conduct of government of the White House grows day and day, this may bring about him to be in abdication applies for before the end of the year this year, leave Telangpu the White House of administer.

Integrated United States " encyclopedia news network " reach England " daily telecommunications signs up for " will report on July 24, to CNN faceless explode personages of two know the inside story of makings are familiar with Dilesen the conversational content of the friend outside be being encircled with Washington, express according to them, feeling of near future defeat increases Dilesen significantly, and the faction that he also suspects the White House won't be appeased inside short time come down.

According to the report, does malcontent part of Dilesen come from overrule Anthony of advanced and advisory employ at American president Telangpu? Si Ka pulls what Mu Ji regards communication contact as the director to offer, and Sipasai of spokesman of news of the White House resigns be related. But compare these two works, to Dilesen blow is bigger is Telangpu the sharp criticism that to attorney general Saishensi publicizes. Saishensi is Telangpu the earliest also is one of main proponents. Dilesen thinks Telangpu is made public to Saishensi criticize this kind of way very not professional.

Afore-mentioned it is the setback that Dilesen encounters recently only. He waits for problem and the White House to have difference already with respect to Iranian policy before. These event that newest happening increased him to consider the idea of abdication.

Two afore-mentioned message personages say, dilesen ever considered to stay at least the end of the year leaves again this year, but recent incident lets him considering to resign ahead of schedule.

Message personage still expresses, these depressed and discontented moods had shown heart of Le Sen of the base of a fruit somewhat. The United States " politics " newest report says news network, because director of office of presidential human affairs makes an appointment with writing Buddhist nun? Desidifanuo (Johnny DeStefano) rejects American the State Council person selected of senior position nomination and the judgement ability that oppugn Dilesen, dilesen resents greatly to him. Le Sen of the base of a fruit that mood erupts

in the office that happens in Pulibasi of director of general office of the White House, and is before Telangpu advanced assistant mixed his husband Gu Ruide? Kushenna's face. Gu Ruide? Kushenna thinks to erupt this very not professional. (The exercitation compiles: Zou Min goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)


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