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Report is made public east or be report of blessing island nucleus nuclear fuel of 3 machine bottom frit piece video

In report will occupy new network on July 25 day intermediary report, investigation showed recently, island of blessing of company of Japanese Tokyo power the first nuclear power plant very possible stockpile has 3 aircrew interior " nuclear fuel frit piece " , this month 24 days, report made public the relevant video that films when investigation east.

According to the report, to this month 22 days till, report uses a robot east to blessing island 3 aircrew interior undertook the first nuclear power plant 3 times investigate, result discovery, in nuclear reactor lower part and bottom of safe mec housing

discovered lump object, these objects are probable it is nuclear fuel after fusing, mix with structural content form " nuclear fuel frit piece " .

The image editor that when report will be investigated east, films is video of about 4 minutes, left to grandfather yesterday. Can see from which, nuclear reac

tor is dropping on the device of lower part the lump object that has black or similar gray. In addition, piling up in safe bottom ministry the black lump content like rock, and preaccident place does not have these.

Report thinks these objects are probable east is " nuclear fuel frit piece " . Report expresses about personnel east: "Investigation shows safe bottom ministry is piling up content of a lot of lump, they are nuclear fuel frit likely very piece, this one discovery is discussed for us how to take out nuclear fuel frit piece provided important clue. This one discovery is discussed for us how to take out nuclear fuel frit piece provided important clue..

It is reported, japanese government and east electric plan undertakes labor to image, how to so that consider,take out nuclear fuel frit piece.


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