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Bay the hotel is contained as far as possible to draw Chinese tourist telephone number many 8

In report will occupy new network on July 25 coverage of Australia news network, jerry Schwartz of magnate of Australia hotel industry takes a Chinese seriously to leave the country very much the value of travel, 500 million yuan when himself amounts to your harbor for Sydney (bay yuan, similarly hereinafter) the hotel opened telephone number, in order to ensure number includes a number more as far as possible 8, in Chinese culture this is considered as the luckiest number all the time.

Schwartz is the public house with the biggest Austr

alia private owner, the hotel of Suo Fei spy that he amounts to your harbor in Sydney be about to practice, it is the public house of 5 stars class that since 1999 Sydney builds the first times. It is numerous new public house swarm into pulled open heavy curtain: As enter a country Australian tourist amount grows ceaselessly, future will have 40 hotels that come from global circle 5 years to be developed permissibly, they have 8000 guest room in all. "Hotel of Suo Fei spy will be new accommodation tide spearhead the attack. " Schwartz say.

"When me with every guest room 585 thousand yuan price, when buying the public house of Suo Fei spy that just builds two

years many, people feels I am crazy, this hotel is 28 tall, have 590 guest room. But the guest room of a hotel of Sydney has been been worth now 1 million. " he says.

In this Sydney hotel on October 3 before practice, scwhartz expresses, he is right bay yuan appreciate not to worry, all say this meeting influence enters a country on administrative talking travel.

"Bay yuan (exchange rate) lower, your enter a country the tourist is more, (But) in actual condition we did not see this kind of case. " he says.


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