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Jin Zhuanan generation can hold delegate of Russia of Brazil of Indian south Africa 27 days to affirm attend the meeting

24 days, liu Kang of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases a message to say on routine press conference, work of security of the 7th Home Jin Zhuanguo is high be in Beijing to hold at will coming 28 days on July 27 on behalf of conference general, yang Jiechi's State Consul will moderate.

According to Introduction Liu Kang, this is the series meeting that during China holds the position of country of golden brick chairman this year, holds (leader is met, minister of foreign affairs is met, harmonious person is met, the conference of domain minister class such as trade of mone

y gold, classics, science and technology, the sources of energy, industry, agriculture, environment, culture, education) one of. Aiqiege of director of office of security of orgnaization of government office of president of Maluobo of minister of security of south Africa state, Brazil is delayed, Russian Federation safety conference secretary handkerchief Telushefu, India.

Liu Kang says, andaihui is Home Jin Zhuanguo discuss and begin political safety the main platform that the domain cooperates, strengthen the strategy to communicate to Home Jin Zhuanguo, force of work of international of letter of promotional politics each other, promotion has main effect. Decide according to each, benciandaihui governs discussion whole world, fear instead, the topic for discussion such as security of network safety and energy security, great international and area heat, state and development.

Liu Kang says, current, element of politics of global ground fringe is daedal, area heat problem warms up alternately, network safety and terroristic wait for menace to highlight, tradition and challenge of blame tradition safety interweave each other. Just hope this Andaihui will maintain common interest further in, drive Home Jin Zhuanguo to cooperate to develop ahead in political safety domain, promote Home Jin Zhuanguo cohesive affinity and consequence ceaselessly. [Guo Fang of round-the-world times reporter]

Original title: Golden brick installs acting meeting 27 days to hold delegate of Russia of Brazil of Indian south Africa t

o affirm responsibility attending the meeting edits: Ji Wei dimension


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