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Day intermediary: Japanese zoo experience is little child change crisis offspring to put add not easy

In report will occupy new network on July 24 day intermediary report, japanese zoo greets progenitive fastigium recently. In June, the panda of wild zoo on Tokyo is delivered of young cub eventually really. But the experts of Japanese zoo think, it is not easy to should ensure the offspring of the animal inside garden puts add.

According to the report, association of Japanese zoo aquaria only Wu trustee plaints

into insular Yue hero: Especially large animal heir is exiguous. E.g. the African elephant that is loved by people, the Japan when 2015 has 38, according to association computative the meeting when 2030 decreases reach 7. Return existence gorilla to reduce 6 head, tapir and penguin to be in Japan when 2030 from 13 disappeared possibility.

Day intermediary points out, pessimistic computative basis stems from the reality of animal breed go from bad to worse. The rare animal such as elephant and orangutan must introduce animal conjugate breed from abroad. But after environmental protection regulation becomes strict, from abroad it is more and more difficult to buy wild animal.

Also have borrow planted idea from foreign zoo, but do not easily. Express into the island: Euramerican zoo does not wish to borrow an animal to gi

ve Japan the zoo.

The report says, the relevant law of Japanese zoo did not set detailed standard, the state of the establishment inside garden is uneven also. This is the account that the Euramerican zoo with rigid standard produces distrust to feel to its. Into city college the professor is hit jump over damask silk child point out, if do not publish the policy that raises an animal to raise an environment and budget, won't have progress with animal exchange of abroad so.

After two years time passes, the panda that wild zoo is born on will return to still give China. The climate with introduce an animal more and more difficult from abroad is in henceforth should also won't turn round.

The report points out at the same time, inadequacy of Japanese animal heir also has a tourist square responsibility. Dozen think more, do not care the content of tall person pneumatic such as panda and elephant only, the animal in paying close attention to Japanese remote mountains also very be necessary. Current, after just plainting, the likelihood cannot see elephant and orangutan, perhaps this is the main chance of the Japanese tradition animal such as care racoon dog, flying squirrel.

Responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension


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