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Woman of truant and too much Australia obtains oneself child the blame is punished 500 bay yuan

In report will occupy new network on July 24 new fast network reports Australia, the child does not go to school well, the parent gets be punished

. In Australian Xin Nawei Er person city, a woman because oneself child is truant and too much and be sentenced guilty, the court still leaves to her went out 500 bay yuan punish sheet.

The report says, stem from legal matter, the name of this mother was not announced to come out. She faces 4 accusation that fail to let the child go to school on time. As we have learned, this woman has 4 children, two read elementary school, two read high school.

The basis submits the document to the court, because these child attendance rate are extremely low, educati

onal office of place ever tried to contact this woman for many times by 2016. 2017 the first semester, the attendance rate of these children is very low still. Then authorities will is opposite in May this year this mother mentions appeal.

Attendance record shows, in 4 children, the child be out on duty with the oldest age leads lowest, have been to the school 3 times only. Another renown age longish child criterion without reason is truant 34 days. Meanwhile, remain two age minor children is about the same each are truant 30 days.

On July 20 front courtyard careful that day, the mother of these a few children did not show a body. Accordingly, the judge issues make known to lower levels in her not present condition court decision. Although the judge rules this case is serious incident, but made fine penalty to the accused only.


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