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Reporter of Xinhua News Agency investigates: The whole world is the greatest how is platform of dark net blackmarket destroyed

Washington of Xinhua News Agency on July 22 report (reporter Lin Xiaochun)

This year on Feburary 16, russia of American northwest ministry straps ridge city Portland city, excessive of a suck of 18 years old of girls dies after new drugs U-47700; On Feburary 27, american southeast ministry county of Florida city orange, aconite of excessive of a suck of 24 years old of women fragrance too die after the Buddhist nun; Last year the end of the year, ministry of American Chinese and Western still his city handkerchief captures a city, two U-47700 that 13 years old of boys buy because of abusing a friend die early or late inside 48 hours

Investigation shows, all origin of these illegal medicaments, point to blackmarket of a dark net to trade platform alpha bay.

Jeff of American attorney general announces on the press conference that Saishensi holds 20 days in Washington, they already eradicated the alpha of is engaged in drugs, weapon and other and illegal article trading dark net platform with the greatest whole world bay. This may be one of the most important this year criminal investigation, history on the dark net market with the biggest dimensions was destroyed.

Individual mailbox let the cat out of the bag

Internet world already was people place hep, but an underground world on Internet is little-known however. Here is trading publicly pornography of drugs, firearms, children and a lot of illegal services, horrible even organization also is in recruit member, the plan launchs assault, this is dark net. People enters the airspace that engine of this common search cannot discover through increasing ability of close concealed body software, everything trades to be passed execute the law the fictitious money that personnel does not superintend is secret undertake.

In this crime heaven, alpha bay is the biggest platform. According to American judiciary view, the home sells to reach 40 thousand person on alpha bay, the client exceeds 200 thousand person. Before shut, on the website illicit drug trades with what have poisonous chemical entry exceeds 250 thousand, identity document of have things stolen and credit card data, baleful software trade entry exceeds 100 thousand.

American judiciary did not disclos

e from when to begin to investigate alpha bay, but the file that announce shows, will begin in May from last year, execute the law client of personnel disguise oneself as, bought hempen, herion from alpha bay, fragrance too poison of the Buddhist nun, ice, false Id and ATM machine pilfer are brushed implement wait for illegal article. Wrap up indicia shows its sell the home to spread all over American each district.

It is just about in this process, investigation personnel accident discovered the establish person of alpha bay holds an administrator concurrently, the case achieves revolutionary progress from this, bring about alpha bay finally complete collapse.

The file shows, the establish person of alpha bay uses Alpha02 and Admin(manager early or late) two nets name, ever used mailbox of Hotmail of a Microsoft to send the greeting mail that sends new user for a time, and this mailbox belongs to the Canadian Alexander that was born on October 19, 1991 to block at present.

Investigate discovery further, gregarious profession website is gotten flower the person that goes up to also one calls Alexander Ka Ci, self introduction is perfectness a variety of computer software, it is personnel of design of a webpage. More important is, 2008, the net name of somebody use Alpha02 is sent on a forum post, be in attach name Alexander in card ending Ka Ci and afore-mentioned individual mailbox.

Investigation personnel concludes, this Ka Ci is the establish person of alpha bay. Card thises and his wife lives extravagant life in Thailand, driving the car of a person of extraordinary powers such as the Lanbojini, nimble when protecting, have much place a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, total assets of under one's name amounts to 23 million dollar, but do not have lawful origin again.

This month 5 days, ka Ci is arrested by Thailand police in Bangkok, american check just trades with bilk, drugs, wash money and embezzle the accusation such as the identity puts forward to accuse to him. When Ka Ci is arrested, using notebook computer to receive alpha bay server with the net name of the administrator, answer user query on forum, its identity affirms formally from this.

American judiciary says, card thises 12 days to die during Thailand detain needs try, die at committing suicide apparently. Dan Kaci's father says to Canadian media, his son is a very marvellous youth, without guilty history and record, never smoke, never drug taking, believe he can commit suicide very hard.

Police artful trap

The file that announces from American judiciary looks, ka Ci second half of the year established 2014 alpha bay, write in network introduction, the target is to make the biggest 100 million a surname (website of business affairs of American famous electron) type underground market, and it is the dark net platform that has contest price system exclusively. If appear,trade problem, the client can arrive in website forum appeal.

Day-to-day operation personnel has alpha bay 8 to 10 people, use net name entirely, a the adjuster that includes an attributive and Ka Ci to name of similar safe director, number is evaluated and mediate dispute of buying and selling, public concern that outside be in charge of inside, ministry forum renews alpha bay information personnel and prevent network fishing or other and con.

Alpha bay trade illegally cent is many categories, include con, drugs and chemical, forgery to taste wait with weapon, software and baleful software, the client can search a tool to search the goods that need buys through website interior. Alpha bay is right each deal collection 2% to the commission of 4% . The website points out particularly clearly still, all all these are tortious, if you are captured, we are not in charge of without exception, so him protection is your responsibility.

Alpha bay is numerous only one of dark net platform. Luobaitewenlaite discloses the controller of European gumshoe organization of press conference of judiciary of United States of 20 sunrise banquet, it is before a month, holand police secret take-overed the whole world the 3rd large dark network trades platform Chinese Sa, monitoring falls in user unwitting circumstance their guilty activity. They discover, after alpha bay is banned, its user begins to seek new dark net black market, a lot of person move come Chinese Sa.

In fact, their gang roll in, wenlaite says, prep close behind is worn alpha bay is eradicated, we see the user amount of Chinese Sa increased 8 times. Take-over from Holand police since the underplay of Chinese Sa, by tens of thousands the user name that illegal commodity buys a selling party and password already were decided, the target that becomes follow-up investigation.

Outside dividing organization of gumshoe of the United States, Europe and Holand, the country such as Thailand, Lithuania, Canada, England, France also participated in action of blackmarket of blow dark net.

Wenlaite thinks, acted this to hit the infrastructure of subterranean crime economy badly jointly, make execute the law mechanism understands activity of dark net crime more, mastered a lot of dark nets the information of anybody, and to Internet especially the criminal on dark net transmits a strong signal: You are not safe in that way like what you think with hide.

China should grant vigilant

Lan Degong of American wisdom library manages dark net studies Gukemopeierxi protects the expert benefit is accepting reporter of Xinhua News Agency written when interviewing, point out, the operation that closes two large dark networks this is unprecedented, there also is dark net to be put out before this, but execute the law this mechanism is in after putting out alpha bay, through their pilot Chinese Sa monitors the move of the user, this may be it is called the origin that milepost type acts.

But pr

otect benefit to also point out, the user of dark net already proved they have quite regain power. Appear the blank possibility that bay He Hansa leaves alpha of new fill of dark net platform is time problem only.

He says, dark net problem is solved very hard, the reason has a variety of, among them the complexity union of the most important a bit complexity that may be the crime that cross a state and multilayer and faceless mechanism arrived one case, the connection between the identity that because this is very difficult,concerns an individual certainly and they and guilty activity.

The menace that dark net place constitutes does not accept district restriction, because this China is likely,face risk like other country. Protect benefit to think, the likelihood on dark net is put in the illegal negotiant of a few China, our research did not discover (on dark net) the firearms that the publicity that comes from China is hawked, but this is not meant also do not have in those advertisement that do not have specific country source.

Original title: Reporter investigation: The whole world is the greatest platform of dark net blackmarket is the responsibility editor that how destroys: Ji Wei dimension


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