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Cling to with old the city zone conflict upgrades U.N. Security Council is urgent attend a meeting mediatory

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In report will report new net integratedly on July 24, israel and Palestine grow in intensity in the conflict of Jerusalem old the city zone, two days will already caused 7 person to die. Incident causes international society attention, u.N. Security Council will hold urgent meeting to discuss the way to deal with a situation today, with mediatory this comes for years the most violent conflict.

Nevertheless, with square 23 days hold to this month, won't carry away the metallic detector of the Jerusalem bethel that causes conflict, but can decrease use.

According to the report, after violent conflict is being warned to may expand before Israel army, israel premier Neitanyahu considers to replace the plan of metallic detector of purpose originally, but the government succumbs to compromise at the pressure of Palestine to avoid to appear, final decision withholds this device to be in mosque of A Kesa of Jerusalem old the city zone (Al-Aqsa, the Jew calls hill of Temple of God) the metallic detector of the entrance.

Haneigebi of minister of ministry of Israel area collaboration accepted yesterday with army when broadcasting station visits, say: "Can withhold (metallic detector) . Need not those murderers will teach us how arrest is fierce. If they (Palestinian) do not enter mosque, that is not entered. That is not entered..

To this, a of end of A of banquet of Arabia couplet the leader of an alliance is Boer censure Israel " play with fire " , emphasize doing not have any Arabia countries or Moslem to be able to accept the act that violates Mohammedan bethel. Rome is Catholic teach Zong Fang aid to appeal each to

just spread out dialog and mediation with respect to this matter each, put forward to reconcile reach the plan that reinstates peace.

A Kesa mosque is ground of Mohammedan the 3rd mahatma, also be the Jew's most divine place. Last week 5, 3 Palestinians are mixed in old the city zone Israel security armed forces produces violent conflict, mosque escapes after the gun raids Israel police inside, be shot dead by police subsequently.

Israel after the event blocked A overcomes Sa mosque, cause the dissatisfaction of Moslem and Jordan. With just opening this mosque afresh when, be in entry point to strengthen security measure to add outfit metal detector to reach camera is installed inside its limits, cause local Moslem outcry, your both sides develops jump form.

It is likewise last week 5, a Palestinian enters Jordan on the west a of the bank live, prick resident with Dao Meng, cause 3 Israelis death. Occupy the message of Palestine Ministry of Public Health additionally, be in another case when a Palestinian is a bit late that day in conflict be shot to beat dead, but the capacity that did not show the person that shoot.

A chain of conflict makes Palestine president Abasi greatly be furious, announce to freeze the relation with Israel in the round, till the metallic detector that till be set in A with just carrying away,overcomes Sa mosque.

The group of all directions of middle east problem that forms by alliance of the United States, Europe, U.N. and Russia publishs combination to state subsequently, the appeal with cling to both sides exercises restraint. According to Israel " land signs up for " report, the tutelar country that the White House is overcoming Sa mosque with Israel, Palestine and A Jordan negotiates, in order to dissolve conflict.

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