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Report: England takes off the problem that extradite convict should face after Europe

In report will occupy new network on July 23 coverage of Russia satellite network, an Europe reforms central report to say, england is in after breaking away from an European Union, will be faced and European country is mutual the problem of extradite convict.

According to the report, in the European Union whole area's valid European Union is arrested making is to simplify apparently the mechanism of extradite program. This tool can be lost after England is taking off Europe.

Say in the report, break away from all sorts of plan of the European Union through the consideration, what British government must accept probably is the price that the convict that penalty commits a crime in England and cannot escape to country of a certain European Union obtains complete dominion namely.


tish expert thinks, cannot think of the convict of

European Union country to those by extradite for, england will become charming to them state.

Responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension


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