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Yearly salary exceeds British premier, BBC employee is forced bask in salary

According to British media coverage, this Zhou San, BBC (BBC) need is fair show yearly salary to exceed 150 thousand pound (add up to 1.327 million yuan about) employee full name and specific firewood fulfil. This will be BBC makes public TV and broadcasting station star centrally first advocate sowed income message.

The government is applied continuously pressure

England " defend a newspaper " report, about compensation diaphaneity problem, BBC is faced with those who come from Briti

sh government to last pressure. This matters to BBC how pay is annual the charter of 3.7 billion pound is expended (Licence Fee) income.

Serve as to be aided financially by British government but the communal medium that runs independently, BBC does not sow commercial advertisement, do not sow paid program, funds basically originates the government collects the TV charter fee that turn. Come for years, BBC still gets a government special allocate funds. Additional, the project such as the telefilm that make also is the income source of group of this broadcasting television.

Last year, cameron government ever gave orders the income of direct seeding compere that BBC makes public yearly salary to exceed 450 thousand pound. Kelisi Evan, Feiaona Bruce and Geleiemu Rodden " renown mouth " on a list of names posted up famous.

Nowadays, special government order of the court before govern

ment of plum of bud Sha · continues not only, it is to reduce the threshold that bask in firewood considerably more, fall from 450 thousand pound to 150 thousand pound, this is meant other and famous advocate sow also must bask in the payroll that gives oneself. For instance Laura Kuensibao of political news editor, chief correspondent is mixed BBC the 4th broadcasting station " now " program ace compere John Hanfulaisi. In addition, a few offer sketch for BBC but not the columnist of hold post BBC and songster escape hard also this disaster.

BBC commands an influence with all one's strength

England " daily telecommunications signs up for " say, a BBC message personage expresses, those will the safety that the person of exposure income worries about oneself and family very now. In the meantime, they are afraid also can draw on a quarrelling sound.

Press BBC " editor guideline " regulation, when news is mixed politics program advocate sow the need when reporting to keep objective, wait for any controversy sex topics to a few politics or industry interior, cannot hold footing. However, after relevant compensation coverage is made public, BBC worries to they cannot report this one news again objective and indifferently or undertake relevant interview.

In addition, to BBC, announce income of high pay employee to still be put in another potential risk, reveal problem of drop of income of BBC interior men and women possibly from this namely.

Perhaps be to consider the meeting after Zhou San publishs compensation data causes public opinion to become restless, BBC is falling the influence that bask in firewood with all one's strength lowest. " daily Post " say, BBC plan Zhou San came that day " move bag plan " , the head shop sign that should give lens to chair originally or reports advocate sow replace a few name lesser and the compere that need not bask in firewood, can avoid to let these names chair the news that broadcasts a newspaper to make public compensation so.

According to BBC newest issuance annals record shows, below the banner 109 TV and broadcasting station advocate sow yearly salary to exceed 150 thousand pound -- already exceeded British premier income.

BBC care by undermine the foundation

Fair to compulsive BBC notify high pay employee, british culture ministry explains so, fair the demand that shows employee yearly salary to will make BBC accords with pair of officeholder diaphaneity. This action also is helpful for BBC creating greater commercial value, of diaphaneity raise the deposit that can bring more to be used at investing bigger project.

Although the government speaks plausibly and at length, but a few media feel malcontent however. BBC thinks, fair show as good as of high pay employee to create at giving a person of the same trade the competitor " list of undermine the foundation " , the company will be attracted very hard and tarry tip talent.

Even if is the competitor of BBC, for instance England the 4th, also make public the 5th times offer criticism. Program of British independence TV station is in charge of speak bluntly of Kevin · Lin Ge, this is a kind of small home child gas, meddlesome practice.

Media analyses a personage to overcome Lyell Enders to divulge, government of the Conservative Party makes BBC by force open renown advocate sowed income message, be afraid is a government to " daily Post " an initiated campaign makes a concession. " daily Post " express: "In BBC interior, 109 people can make 150 thousand pound every year, this one word is 56 times of the celestial TV station that owns 21 thousand employee. Still a kind of viewpoint thinks, the person that works for BBC should give and the firewood like lowermost level officeholder proposes a toast, perhaps should work freely for BBC even. Perhaps should work freely for BBC even..

BBC emphasizes however, nowadays, media competition environment is intense with each passing day, want to compete with traditional adversary not only, cope with a few capital even more abundant " first arrival " , for instance Nai flies company and Yamaxun. BBC provides high quality content hard, but disbursement firewood reward is far under competitor of person of the same trade. Be in especially the instantly that implements constrictive policy, BBC also is in the income that reduces entire company staff. (reporter Liao Qin)


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