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Is American preferential? How does American earth make facial government entirely: Hire 15 thousand foreigner again!

Login register American of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian preferential? How does American earth make facial government entirely: Hire 15 thousand foreigner again! Origin: ? Be not Nao?2017-07-18 09:57 Http://

American official local time 17 days (Zhou Yi) announce a decision says, the United States needs more foreign workers, will carry the movement of company of a few United States.

Beautiful intermediary says 17 days, how does American land express entirely, they will be additional approve visa of 15 thousand H-2B, make the company is in on September 30 before financial year employ more blame agriculture temporarily foreign nationality worker. Does land install John of whole head of a department? Triumphant advantage says in written statement, this " increasing is one-time " .

The report says, the government drives Telangpu " employ American " policy, telangpu's president appeals more restricts immigrant for many times. The reporter asks, the government decides to allow more foreign workers to enter the United States, how can this sustain American take up an occupation? Land installs all spokesman to say, if do not have additional foreign worker, american enterprise may be sufferred " the harm that cannot offset " .

These visa are belonged to be not immigrant visa. To invite foreign nationality worker, the enterprise must show they cannot find enough American worker " can, be willing, qualified it is OK to mix by employ " will be engaged in certain work.

H-2B plan of the United States is annual upper limit is 66 thousand new visa, among them 33 thousand are to be in this financial year first half of the year (will come on October 1 on March 31) the worker obligate that is recruited, the others is second half of the year (will come on April 1 on September 30) use. Nevertheless, the employee of post of a few return can be besides limitation join H2B project, according to the data of American the State Council, this makes the H2B visa that issued last year increased near 8

5 thousand.

But, in exempt return post person the project is in after autumn expired last year, congress did not try to lengthen. Beautiful intermediary says, this was to restrict existing visa quota of people strictly actually. Depend on badly tourism seasonal the company of employee says, since then, they are very difficult fill post is vacant.

According to the budgetary bill that will pass in May, the ranking unit land that United States Congress gives the United States citizen and emigrant service bureau is safe ministry consider counterpoises, can exceed the upper limit of 66 thousand visa, in order to solve

personnel shortage problem.

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