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Mid cloudburst sends Korea 2 people die 4 people are missing nearly 700 residences are flooded

In report will occupy new network on July 17 Han intermediary report, local time 16 days, the mid area that Korea includes faithful Qing Dynasty to inside falls cloudburst of next nearly 300 millimeter, cause huge loss. The area with most rainfall is clear administrative division of line of north of faithful Qing Dynasty, amount to 290 millimeter, this is the record that clear city begins to undertake atmosphere observation comes 22 years.

According to statistic of place of observation of clear city weather, clear city 16 days morning 7 when the cloudburst that falls to exceed 91 millimeter between a Xiaoshi after 10 minutes, be since beginning to have atmosphere observation in July a hour of most rainfall.

The report says, this cloudburst causes numerous personal casualty and belongings loss. Be in statistic according to Korea countryman safety, with 17 days in the morning 6 when to allow, this cloudburst causes 2 people death, 4 people are missing, 686 residences are flooded by water, 517 victims are homeless, have 4962 additionally hectare farming farmland and 52 cars are wided by water, cause 990 families power failure, among them 453 have not renew power supply.

It is reported, cadre of safe and catastrophic countermeasure continues to maintain in the center of office of Korea countryman security special status of one course work, clutching research lash-up rebuilds plan.

Original title: Ministry cloudburst

sends 4 people of 2 people death to be missing in Han

nearly 700 residences are flooded responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension


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