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Beautiful appeal Qatar undertakes negotiating with neighbour directly in order to resolve diplomatic crisis

Login register beauty of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to appeal Qatar undertakes negotiating with neighbour directly in order to solve: of diplomatic crisis origin? ?2017-07-14 15:3 of huge rock of discharge  contraction2 Http://

In report will occupy new network on July 14 outside intermediary report, hai Se of spokesman of American the State Council? Nuoerte expresses, washington hope Qatar can negotiate with circumjacent neighbour and open of other Arabia country directly, in order to resolve diplomatic crisis.

Data picture: Thunder of American Secretary of State overcomes Sidilesen. Diao Haiyang of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Nuoerte expresses, count day rece

ntly, le Sen of the base of a fruit of American Secretary of State visited Qatar and its neighbour, regard the likelihood that bagman discussion resolves the crisis as the way.

She says: "Be based on discussion result, le Sen of the base of a fruit of Secretary of State thinks, what stride next is important one pace ought to be each square direct negotiation. We hope, direct negotiation can be held. Direct negotiation can be held..

Country of sanded special grade will support terroristic "" to destroy area safety with Qatar " on June 5 for " , announce to break off a friendship with Qatar, carry out embargo and block to Qatar.

Before this, the scheduled flight that cool one's heels of boat of aviation of A couplet chief of a tribe, Egypt suspends going back and forth between Qatar capital to be breathed out more in succession, country of sanded special grade prohibits even Qatar aviation flight crosses territorial sky, the Ha Made International Airport that hub of aviation of your middle east breaths out more is immersed in a disorder.

Near future of middle east Shikoku still passes Kuwait to put forward to recall to Qatar halt Iranian diplomacy personnel, shut peninsula TV station to wait t

o asked at 13 o'clock, as solution with this make a decision meets the requirement of the crisis, and demarcate Qatar satisfies afore-mentioned requirements inside 10 days.

Qatar denies Arabia neighbour censure, express, the requirement that they raise is not real also cannot fulfill, and violate the sovereignty of Qatar.

Original title: The United States appeals Qatar undertakes negotiating to edit in order to settle diplomatic crisis liability with neighbour directly: Read related Zheng Lili: New York Ni Kesi suspends Anthony trading 3 tycoons hope fears negotiation rocket rocket of undone 2017-07-14 Ni Kesi exposing to the sun is undertaking 4 trade active negotiation muskmelon changes team 2017-07-13 to contend for higher component Zhang to compare Hollywood to be in the negotiation will audit

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