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Aobama fools child work force to be not decreased leaving off one's post still is " child king after the president "

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Although Aobama has left off his post American president 5 many months, but like his that legend fool child work force to still be people take delight in talking about. One piece of the exposure on gregarious a few days ago media closes according to, pull a

n Aobama to be in Alaska the airport and an infantile anecdote, enough proves his child regal title is by no means billow gets undeserved reputation.

This Zhou Yi, the Aobama of t

he travel that ended an Asia is when a favourable turn of strange International Airport of Alaska An Kelei, come across the Jisaier with 6 big months (Giselle) and her mother Qiao Lunna (Jolene) . This mother tells news of American cable television the network later (CNN) , aobama went at that time, ask: Who is this beautiful girl?

The Qiao Lunna of the affection with fab unpleasant excited attack by surprise patted Aobama to conceive the photograph that holds Jisaier in the arms. The head in the photograph wears the Jisaier of big eye of straw hat, goggle at to make a person impressive, the netizen nods assist in succession, straight Hu Meng was changed. When the father of small Jisaier walks over, aobama says for fun again: Hey! I want the child spirit away you.

CNN says, during the White House, like in order to enrol the child as the Aobama of two children father and famed at the world. In a paragraph of video 2011, aobama pacified adroitly to cry conciliatory baby, video explodes subsequently red. The zealous Aobama that make and children play American media make playing photograph part, cameraman of the White House Pitesuosa often also releases Aobama to recieve activity and the photograph that become one with with mixed children in road bussiness trip in the White House on gregarious media. Among them one the famousest piece should be belonged to in April 2016, aobama crouchs on the ground the photograph of as small as the British George that wears night clothes princely shake hands.

[round-the-world times - round-the-world net reports reporter Du Haichuan]

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