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American California collection must come 131 years fire of highest Wen Shan multiplies heat wave grow like a weed

Login register collection of California of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to must come 131 years does fire of highest Wen Shan multiply: of origin of heat wave grow like a weed? ?2017-07-09 18:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

In report will occupy new network on July 9 outside intermediary report, american California produced hill internal heat a few days ago, igneous situation continues grow like a weed. And sufferring heat wave to invade as a result of this area, this lets job of rush to save life and property become more difficult. Conflagration already caused many building damage, person of know exactly about sth gets flesh wound. Authorities warning, more a house owned by a citizen can be browbeaten, remind dweller vigilance and had done be on guard. In addition, california area high temperature lasts, the air temperature of los angeles more the record that broke 131 years to come.


Local time on July 6, 2017, american California los angeles, children sees hot weather in fountain paddle.

According to the report, fire control branch confirms, there is 10 inside California city many the scene of a fire, among them one is located in Aoluoweier to press down with the situation of fire of the scene of a fire south the most violent. The area of this the scene of a fire amounts to 3.5 square kilometer, only about 2% is control.

In Shengmaliya the hill fire of area happening also has 10% to be controlled only. Authorities already was given out to the dweller that lives around scattered your. Exceed 1000 firemen to be in from time to tome now fire fighting of each the scene of a fire, authorities also expedites 5 helicopter and 4 planes assistance.

California counts a city south the air temperature recently is in Gao Shuiping. The data that bureau of American country scene publishs shows, the air temperature of los angeles broke the Gao Jilu that comes 131 years. Local time 8 days midday, downtown collection gets nearly 36.6 Celsius. Five heart of suburb of this city northwest Lanxiersi more record for a time 42.7


Atmosphere branch is forecasted, torrid weather still can last most day, the fire fighting of adverse firemen works. Be in inland area, air temperature may rise to 43 degrees. Special appeal old person, dot and the public figure that need outdoors work notice authorities sunstroke prevention.

California drought had lasted 5 years, annual this moment can produce internal heat of especially big hill. Past a few months, area of the part inside the city has rainfall, alleviated ravages of a drought, the date when a few areas produce hill internal heat is late already at in former years.

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