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Sydney carries out civilian house " 0 deserted " program promotion resource reclaims

Sydney of China News Service on July 7 report (reporter Tao Shelan) Sydney is about to carry out the name is " do not abolish one thing (Leave Nothing To Waste) " program, use new-style resid

ence litter clears system, promotion resource reclaims, open up 0 deserted road.

Sydney mayor overcomes collect Fu · rub Er expresses 7 days, this changes model program " litter " redefine becomes valuable resource, avoided to be sent fill bury the destiny of field.

What recommend in program record civilian door the service includes once a week litter of roadside electron product clears reclaim service; Can participate in optionally for this city dweller civilian door eat hutch rubbish clears pilot service; Gao Wei / harmful rubbish community sends a station only; Be in what residential building unites pair of deserted dress and textile to reclaim the service.

The move strategy that includes in program draft still has: Help business door choose more have the litter administration plan that can develop property continuously; For municipal government all buildings recommend alone organic waste material to collect a means; Develop improvement public trash reclaims recycle investigation; Transform upgrade site of storage of existing and municipal litter, the rubbish that reclaims in order to be opposite undertakes classified.

Rub Er says, sydney city resident should discard every year nearly 65000 tons of rubbish, pass the effort of municipal government, among them 69% already was far from fill bury, be able to renascence. The program objective that pursues recently is in namely promoted this one scale to 90% 2030. "Want to achieve this one goal, the goods that we must promote this city substantially reclaims utilization rate. We will offer more trash to classify means for dwellers, in order to improve the recycle rate of raw material, reduce the demand of pair of limited natural resources. Reduce the demand of pair of limited natural resources..

She expresses, municipal government still will continue with this city business door clasp, improve trash government measure in order to aid them. Of gross of whole town litter 90% it is commercial rubbish. Municipal government already used the operation litter of office building to managed the job to develop a series of guidelines for business, but these guiding principle and creed remain to improve. Municipal government still will be handled with litter with reclaim industry efforts, have sth in mind develops trash to change the possibility of energy equipment, the rubbish that lets cannot reclaim also can make the best use of everything. "We go to hammer and tongs investment reclaim come in the job that uses litter. "We go to hammer and tongs investment reclaim come in the job that uses litter..

According to knowing, once this draft passes municipal parliament examine and verify, will begin t

o carry out 2019. (Be over)


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