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Russia England diplomat will be progressively " homing " flower just deny a relation to restore in the round

Russia is stationed in British embassy 28 days to say, russia and England had been reached overall and consistent, both sides will rise to because personnel of the information before Russia is toxic,restore stage by stage in January from next year incident and drive out amount of staff of embassy of down to reductive. Nevertheless, england denies bilateral foreign relations to will restore in the round later on.

Russia TASS reports, russia is sta

tioned in flower liberal art of ambassadorial Alexander elegant division says: We reach general agreement, will from (next year) the diplomatic personnel amount that a certain moment January begins to restore to be in Moscow and London.

I do not decide whether all diplomat can return hillock, elegant division liberal art says, but at least personnel of half the number can homing.

This year in March, xieergaisikelipaer and its daughter are in personnel of the information before Russia England Weierte county Suoercibaili. British police maintains this to make a surprise attack to father daughter by nerve toxic. British government says, russia is extremely possible relevant; Russia just grants in order to deny. England drives out with personnel of 23 Russia square diplomacy, russia just drives out subsequently coequal amount flower square personnel. Beyond England, the west is multilateral coordinate the operation, drive out Russian diplomat; Russia anounces quits action.

With respect to elegant division liberal art 28 days of place are narrated, russia

is stationed in British embassy spokesman to give confirm.

The word of this spokesman reports quote of Russia satellite news service, personnel of square diplomacy of Russian Fang Heying is some earlier in December the visa that moment has gotten bilateral each other to send, this is bilateral diplomatic visa extends each other first since this year March oneself.

This spokesman says, e Ying signs visa according to quits principle each other, this is meant drive out in 23 Russia diplomat and 23 England diplomat drives out after causing harm, the one part in all staff members will be able to homing.

At that time, british Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies flower Russia foreign relations will restore in the round.

The word of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of England of cite of Russia satellite news service reports: We think, signing and issue visa afresh is forward the one pace that right way steps, but should say diplomatic corps works to restore premature in the round, this bit (Russia is stationed in England) the ambassador is already clear. (Chen Lixi) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

Original title: Russian flower diplomat will be progressively " homing " flower just deny a relation to restore responsibility editor in the round: Zheng Lili


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