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Airline ticket hotel rises in price Brazilian people went out 2018 travel exceeds expensive

In new network report will sign up for network coverage according to South-American live abroad on July 24, the global leader that is engaged in management of business affairs travel technically company of motion of troops of fine letter force (Carlson Wagonlit Travel) and foundation of association of global business trip (the year report that GBTA Foundation) near future publishs points out, the airline ticket price that global various places went before Brazil 2018 will rise, at the same time the price of hotel of world each district also is met rise.

Investigation shows, the whole of airliner airline ticket that Brazil heads for world other country goes up on average will achieve

3.5% , and of price of public house of room of global each country go up on average can achieve 3.7% .

The report shows, because the country is in-house demand is exuberant, the airline ticket of China and Indian home and accommodation rise in price range is top. And 2018 of the world cup hold also make the airline ticket of Russia and accommodation price appear rise.

The strict and safe inspection that as a result of Telangpu the government makes and airliner restrict measure, the airline ticket that heads for the United States and the expenses that place stays rise other area photograph compares extent and whole world slightly small, rise only 2.3% .

Suffer the effect of domestic corrupt problem, case of travel expense of

travel of Brazilian this locality will go now to fall, the fall of aviation fare extent will be achieved 1.2% ; In addition, extent drops to will be achieved toward Japanese airline ticket before 6.3% , it is the whole world price fall of the airline ticket in all countries is highest.

Extent of average price fall reachs the public house of latin america 1.2% , also be the area of only hotel price fall inside global limits. The mainest reason of price fall of Latin America hotel is Brazil, the extent of hotel price fall of Brazilian home is achieved 8.7% , it is the whole world is highest.


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