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Mark dragon acceptance reforms law politics system deep large quantities of assemblyman will be cut into parts

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In report will occupy new network on July 5 outside intermediary report, dragon of French president mark this month 4 days of acceptance " thorough reform " French politics system, concrete step includes to reduce assemblyman number considerably, divide French people with disappear " collective angst " .

Data chart: Mark dragon

According to the report, the countryman that mark dragon held in Fan Ersai palace that day says on parliament and senatorial joint meeting, he will take quick action, let France restore " conquer spirit " . He says: "So far, we too constant go wrong. We value an order very at the result, compasses what for at innovating, rely on to go up the society that generation fortune lives very the society at a justice. Rely on to go up the society that generation fortune lives very the society at a justice..

He announces to undertake to the parliament system sex is reformed, with cashing its enter into an election contest acceptance. According to the plan, french assemblyman number will be cut down 1/3, in order to improve work efficiency, namely national parliament assemblyman will from have 577 people to decrease to 385 people, senator is decreased from 348 people to 232 people.

In addition, french parliament vote also can introduce " scale delegate is made " , with promoting a parliament multivariate representative. Mark dragon hopes to pass relevant legislation inside a year, implement this reform formally. He still says, "If be necessary " , the whole people of travel

of this action of French put up with is common cast.

Be aimed at national safety problem, mark dragon puts forward to be in autumn removes this year after Paris made a surprise attack in November 2015, carry out up to now critical condition makes, execute the law in order to allow what authorities takes stronger step is new fear a law replacing instead.

With respect to European problem, mark dragon says Europe is in in the past " painful " 10 years answered much field crisis, but at the same time also " lost way " , european Union leader must promote reform, with creed of response doubt Europe spread.

He says, france and Germany will be by this year before, a series of debates launch in European each country, in order to debate the future of the

European Union.

This is mark dragon since be taken office as in May first important speech. He holds two courtyards infrequently joint meeting, add choice every Er to surpass site of Gong Wei meeting, arouse opposition to its " imperial type is regnant style " criticism.

Ultra-Left political party is castiron French assemblyman, and partial middle-of-the-roader assemblyman rejects to attend this meeting. Mark dragon plan holds two courtyards every year joint meeting.

A few people also point to mark dragon this action is to try with premier Philip " grab limelight " . Philip plans 5 days to publish crucial policy to deliver a speech in the parliament.

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