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Executive privilege policy guides Korea to stop illegally the foreigner is freewill leave a country

According to Han Lian the company will report on July 2, ministry of Korea law Wu releases a message 2 days to say, law Wu ministry will stop illegally at will coming to will be aimed at on October 10 on July 10 personnel implements policy of privilege of freewill leave a country. If illegal stayer is in period inside freewill leave a country, the basis its detention time is absolved prohibit entering a country to restrict or shorten prohibit entering a country deadline.

If stop illegally in Han,be not worth 5 years, carry out before this prohibit the limitation that 1-2 enters a country inside year will be absolved, illega

l detention time is in of 5 years of above, prohibit entering a country time shortens 2 before years from now on to 1 year. The foreigner leave a country of freewill leave a country holds valid passport that day (viatic certificate) with airline ticket (steamer ticket) , to the airport, haven office of discrepancy condition government refers leave a country to apply for can.

According to the report, 4-12 month also had adopted Korea 2016 this measure, share 44 thousand illegal stayer active leave a country. 2014-2015 year have 20 thousand person every year active leave a country. According to the statistic of law Wu ministry, up to in May 2017, illegal stayer amounts to Korea churchyard 223 thousand p

erson. [Li Tingting of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage]


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