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Suddenly bit man-made building sells American demon give up to be not moved after depreciating, clinch a deal with 2.8 million dollar

In report will occupy new network on June 30 the company reports in the center of Taiwan, the suburb of American California adjacent san Francisco, have the house of person of suddenly bit of give up of demon of an imitate film,

bade 4.2 million dollar, sold 2 years many lack person make inquires, through house advocate big concession depreciates, recently with get off one's hands of 2.8 million dollar.

Poem of landed intermediary plum is overcome (Judy Meuschke) is in face of page of her individual face, introduced this demon give up to confuse saw an eye shine, like the building that with a ha compares a person, the bargainor says this is flint house (Flintstone House) .

This and cartoon fashionable primitive (Flintstone) is homonymic, muse, return city of cliff of the bed in world of true

part animation it seems that (the gout of home of Bedrock City) house.

The residence that former model craftsmanship furnishs alone, out architect Ni Kexun (of William Nicholson) think of opportunely, the 1996 prices with 800 thousand dollar, pass on gives additional a house advocate moxa Disesi (Korie Edises) .

This copy with a ha compares the person's house to cover an area of about 253 square metre, come along 280 highway Xiersibaile (Hillsborough) , can arrive at this one marked north to increase ground bid.

It is reported, this building shell is distinctive, install inside exquisite. The dome of the house is with waving for nothing the balloon makes pattern, again hood reinforcing steel bar and steel net are fixed, enclothe cement. It is white exterior at first, the violet orange nowadays is the chromatically that finishs 10 years ago, interior is lain between 3 lie 2 bath.

The kitchen is a place that buy puts gas stove, freezer or kitchen utensils and appliances not merely, transform through the space, resemble the direct cabin that is an aerospace airship, the person is in within cooking, be just as drive hold accuse.

This residence 4.2 million dollar hawked make a price 2015, till 2.8 million dollar clinched a deal a few days ago.


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