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Telangpu uses attack of duty Wu problem Yamaxun is suspected to be " avenge a person in the name of public interests "

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ublic interests " origin: ? Be not Nao?2017-06-29 18:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

American president Telangpu

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] American president Telangpu recently by American media " Washington Post " exposure points to, a pair he is ascended " times " the picture of magazine cover is suspected of making a holid

ay. Will report on June 29 according to American CNBC website, telangpu not because of this assail " Washington Post " itself, but is the behind the curtain that he appeared to aim vengeance gunfire this media master -- Yamaxun group CEO Jeff? Bei Zunsi.

According to the report, telangpu is being pushed 28 days go up especially speech, criticise Yamaxun did not pay this answering paying Internet tax.

Those who deserve attention is, telangpu is opposite this Beizunsi's assail before today, " Washington Post " a when just showed a president news that make a holiday. This report exposure says, pensile in Telangpuji's round each big golf club he is ascended " times " the picture of magazine cover, but the basis arrives recently visit Telangpugaoerfu the reporter observation of the club, this so called " times " cover is illuminated include few points " tiny but apparent however " mistake, be suspected of making a holiday. Subsequently, " times " a female spokesman confirms the magazine, telangpu on the pensile concerned Telangpudeng inside the club " times " of the magazine " cover is illuminated " , it is false.

CNBC report points out, besides immediate criticism " Washington Post " besides, severe assail ever still fathered during Telangpu is entering into an election contest Yamaxun, claim Yamaxun regards electronic business affairs as the tycoon with avoiding inequitably tax measure has monopoly, and the formation of this kind of situation is in go up somehow moment is opposite as a result of Beizunsi " Washington Post " had property.

Telangpu enters into an election contest in of Feburary 2016 go to express on situation activity: "If I become a president, yamaxun can suffer a dot certainly. Of suffering of their meeting savor. " in addition, telangpu still states Beizunsi was bought " Washington Post " , it is to have " political consequence " .

The report says, telangpu is collecting Yamaxun in the appeal now what what want to avoid is so called " Internet duty " , this to electronic shopkeeper ever was a bigger, more open to question topic. As come from the United States the pressure of each city parliament, congress and court increases requirement shopkeeper to turn its to the sales volume levy beyond the city ceaselessly pay government giving a state, yamaxun has been accelerated change its taxation policy. Will rise on April 1 from this year, yamaxun begins to take sale tax in adduction of completely beautiful limits, appeased a lot of controversy before this. In view of this, still not be clear that Telangpu is pushed in 28 days especially medium says Yamaxun did not pay Internet tax specific it is what to pointing to.

Does company of general of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of venture capital firm combine father Kaye? Awn this special (when Gene Munster) accepts CNBC to interview, say: "This is the individual's thing. . . . . . Is Telangpu chasing after Jeff? Bei Zunsi is not put, this is be opposite about Telangpu " Washington Post " the individual hates. This is be opposite about Telangpu " Washington Post " the individual hates..

According to the report, bei Zunsi all the time since never also evade oneself " anti-espionage bright general " behavior. During presidential general election, bei Zunsi ever was being pushed go up especially say to be in his " blue is genetic " he took a place to Telangpu on spacecraft, can " send the aerospace on Telangpu " ; is returned once he ever criticised Telangpu tries to browbeat media. (The exercitation compiles: Chen Zhiliang, Zhang Rong goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)

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