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Wen Zaiyin visits the United States to will invest 22.4 billion dollar 5 years to the United States along with travel company future

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In new network report will report according to Han Lian company on June 29, labour union of big Han trade discusses a 28 day newses to say, the enterprise that visits the United States along with presidential Wen Zaiyin decides to did not invest 12.8 billion dollar to the United States.

According to the report, along with visit an enterprise to include the SamSung electron, LG electron, SK, group that fight hill, CJ group, LS group, GS group to wait for Korea big company and outstanding medium and small businesses wait for 52.

Zun Qi is ordinal represent director vice-chairman for SamSung electron source of Cui peaceful of Zheng Yixuan of vice-chairman of Quan Wuxuan, contemporary car and SK group chairman. (picture origin: Han couplet company)

It is reported, investment field basically is centered at factory, augment is being built to produce research and development of equipment, technology, enterprise to be bought in place to wait.

Outside eliminating direct investment, these enterprises still plan tomorrow 5 years an investment 22.4 billion dollar buys LNG, LPG and plane to wait from the United States.

Accordingly before report, the personage waits for public figure of group of finance and economics to go to the United States in succession related organization of the person of company control door that accompanies Wen Zaiyin to visit the United States, economy,

Zheng Yixuan of contemporary car vice-chairman most first " leave " , the United States is considered as in automobile industry to Han the circumstance of trade deficit culprit falls, he considers to answer the program of American trade protectionism in local key, to place is released during visit the United States at the same time investment plans to prepare.

The report says, presidential Wen Zaiyin shares public figures of 52 group of finance and economics to accompany visit the United States. During visitting the United States, economic person group will attend what sponsor jointly by two countries business association " forum of Han Mei business affairs " wait for an activity.

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