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Does afraid Russia kill poisonous software? FBI investigates employee of calorie of United States of Ba Siji lab

According to Singapore " associated morning paper " will report on June 29, message personage points out, FBI (the company of Russia network security that FBI) is surveying headquarters to be set in Moscow gets stuck Ba Siji lab (Kaspersky Lab

) , investigate the employee of several United States of this company in this week.

The report says, what FBI official has headed for t

hese employee 27 days late is live launch investigation.

Go up month, officer of American senior information says on the hearing of senatorial Committee on Information, authorities is analysing American government to use calorie of Ba Siji lab to offer the issue of software.

Assemblyman of United States Congress is afraid, muscovite respect may use the product of calorie of Ba Siji lab, will atttack computer network system of the United States. [round-the-world net reports reporter Cha Xi]


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