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Multilateral break off a friendship with Qatar: ? ⒘  ?004 year ever asked TV station of peninsula of U.S. Army blast

Occupy Russia satellite network to will report 29 months in June, the cloth of A of A couplet chief of a tribe that decodes a website to announce according to Vicki is plunged into compare crown prince Mohammed Benzayedealenahayang and, this crown prince held the position of a defense minister 2004 during, ever requested American bomb to be located in the peninsula TV station of Qatar.

The data that Vicki decodes shows, mohammed emphasizes, the uniform is located in the peninsula TV station that breaths out more, more important than actions of any a war. The consequence that he suggests the United States uses A couplet chief of a tribe uses force to many haing authorities.

During chatting, still allude, the emir tower that currently holds the post ofQatar sheikdom expresses before Mimubenhamaidealesani is early, crown prince of A couplet chief of a tribe ever requested an U.S. Army TV station of peninsula of Shangm

ifulankesi's general bomb.

On June 5, chief of a tribe of couplet of sand spy, Bahrain, A and Egypt announce to break off a friendship with Qatar, sever all connection with it, censure

the stability that horror of many haing support is organized and destroys middle east at the same time. Along with wheeler Er acting husband, the Daniya in wool announce with Qatar disengage. In addition, jordan and Djibouti also reduced the foreign relations level that breaths out with how, senegal, Niger and Chad recall are stationed in the ambassador of Qatar.

Chief of a tribe of couplet of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, A and Bahrain pass Kuwait, to Qatar authorities pass on its requirement detailed list, isolate in order to end to the diplomacy of this country. A few media that include associated press inside disclosed the content of requirement detailed list.

Above Qatar of requirement of 4 Arabia state and Iran break off a friendship, shut Turkey the martial base inside this territory, block at the same time peninsula TV station. Give Qatar 10 days time only at the same time fulfil all requirements. Qatar says these requirements are highbrow and appeal them to reconsider. [round-the-world net reports reporter Cha Xi]


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