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CNN recalls Telangpu " connect Russia " pursuit of the White House of news United States is stricken

Network of news of American cable television (CNN) s

till was captured by the White House a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by others. The presidential Tangnadetelangpu of false news of long-term reprimand CNN and spokesman of the White House 27 days approve CNN suddenly to report the false news that connect Russia intentionally for viewing rate, appeal everybody goes seeing alleged the film that discloses CNN inside story of a plot.

Before today, CNN accepts 3 reporters resignation. Because one transfers about Telangpu,the investigation story that the group tells Russia broadcasts without normal editor, be removed finally to stalk of grain, as the author, 3 reporters collective resigns.

After the message comes out, telangpuli is engraved in gregarious website to push go up especially transmit greatly FNN model of written characters, meaning CNN is network of false TV news. He returns a running fire many are pushed civil censure CNN, because be pushed erroneously,weigh it send false Russia news to be captured.

In Telangpu push Wen Li, broadcasting Corporation of ABC, Colombia, whole nation Broadcasting Corporation, " new York Times " , " Washington Post " wait for media to be hit completely false news label.

Same day, same hold tight stays in Salahekabisangdesi of spokesman of white a maid in an imperial palace CNN is not put, say its atttack Telangpu with false news continuously, make presidential body and mind tired out. She emphasizes, those are concerned special bright the news of common Russia is pair of audiences and reader mockingly, good let them go up from other news abstracted.

Sang Desi mentions the film that by independent personage Zhanmusiaojifu is in constituent

truth project one to make painstakingly, appeal everybody looks well, although she also admits at that time,do not know film after all accurate.

In this paragraph of film that releases several days ago, when CNN senior producer writings brush Bonifeierde is asked about to open Russian door about, admit CNN is done not have at all actually special bright the practical evidence of common Russia, a series of reports are only raise viewing rate. This paragraph of film watchs person-time to be achieved quickly already in video website ten.

Associated press analysis, group of the White House thinks, focusing magnifies the wrong misunderstanding of media lets the outside oppugn the reliability of press, persuade constituency to believe Telangpu is the victim of witch-hunting.

Nevertheless, on the press conference of the White House that day, sang Desi's word is come from for a time " piquet signs up for " the reporter is interrupted, latter says she is in incendiary return media mood. (Zheng Hao is peaceful) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]


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