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Beautiful new medical service protects plan to if carry out more person to will lose cure to protect,object with all possible means by

In report will occupy new network on June 27 outside intermediary report, american senate is about to vote the new medical service that offers by republic party keeps replacement scheme, have many republican nevertheless the partisans already was alluded or bright show won't support second reading. Voting eve, congress budget office (CBO) publishs a report, point out new plan can reduce American finance deficit 321 billion dollar within 10 years, but arrived 2026, will many 22 million American loses cure to protect.

New medical service protects replacement scheme to predict the fastest local time 27 days vote, orchid heart Paul and Maine senator Collins make clear the Kentucky senator of republic party publicly reject new plan.

Orchid heart Paul says: "Adopt a bad plan, compared with kill program more disappointing. " he is compensatory, 75% peoples also reject plan, see it " very bad " .

Besides them, still at least 3 republic parties reject new plan. However, senate shares 100 banquet, republic party is in become most party with 52 banquet only, if has 4 or the Party member of above abstains; Or over 2 people are overhand blackball, plan will abort.

New medical service protects plan to aim to found a new tax system, aid financially the people to buy medical treatment insurance. The report of CBO points to, after new plan is rolled out, indebted number is more active of plan little, better should pay more insurance premium. CBO today the strength that second estimation loses cure to protect, with earlier before the report when obtaining Boule to carry replacement scheme differs very few. The estimation before CBO is early increases in the American that cure loses to protect inside 10 years about 23 million, finance deficit is decreased for 119 billion dollar.

Immediately of the White House is denied, the report content that points out CBO is disloyal. The group shows Telangpu again, new plan won't reduce medical treatment allowance

, because of governmental spending still year after year rises. Speak bluntly of silent of easy of assemblyman of chief of senatorial

minority party, democratic dangshen: "The report of CBO is meant ' cure protects Telangpu ' (Trumpcare) wants terminative. "The report of CBO is meant ' cure protects Telangpu ' (Trumpcare) wants terminative..


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