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Appraise of reef of Australian big fort is worth 42 billion dollar to prop up even more post of 60 thousand obtain employment

In report will occupy new network on June 26 outside intermediary reports 26 days, a newest report shows, reef of Australian big fort (the value of The Great Barrier Reef) may be achieved 56 billion bay yuan () of 42 billion dollar, and to supporting this country economic activity is having crucial effect.

Institute of De Qin economy (the economy to big fort reef, society and brand value undertook Deloitte Access Economics) evaluate, got this is occupied.

This report discovers, big fort reef was brought for Australian economy 6.4 billion bay yuan contribution, and supporting position of 64 thousand obtain employment.

This report points to, should take more step, protection is changed destroyed big fort reef in vain in recent years by large-scale coral.

This one research reports by foundation of big fort reef (Great Barrier Reef Foundation) is entrusted undertake. This beneficent orgnaization devotes oneself to to protect this mark of a directory of row world bequest sexual tourist attraction.

The gold of Sa of husband of chairman history the base of a fruit of foundation is special (Steve Sargent) expresses: This report displayed a clear message, it is very important that big fort reef regards an ecosystem, economy as impetus and global fortune, not allow to have break.

Regard the oldest zoology structure on the earth as body, and the whole world is the most complex with one of rich natural ecosystem, big fort reef says to go up is husk, without replaceable.

Build a model through economy, the big fort reef of the author plan numerate of the report the value to tourism is 29 billion bay yuan, to the recreational activity lover such as phreatic water, be worth 3.2 billion bay yuan.

These data are to be in be as long as what reach af

ter the research of 6 months, the method is right science and economic information undertake research and undertake to coming from the 1500 people of 11 countries questionnaire is investigated.

Sajinte says, the appraise value of big fort reef is 12 times greater than Sydney opern.

Main researcher Yaohanaomahuoni (John O'Mahony) says, study the resul

t proves again, the respect waits with respect to course of study and international fame in zoology diversity, creation, big fort reef has incomparable value.

According to an investigation this year April, the coral Bai Hua of in successive years had destroyed big fort reef the coral of 2/3.


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