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Indonesian one police headquarters is raided send a police to die doubt and IS are concerned

Jakarta of Xinhua News Agency on June 25 report (Zheng Shibo) headquarters of Sumatra province police produces Indonesian north 25 days assault incident. A police is raided die, there is one person to be beaten dead in two charger.

Indonesian media cite the word of Saidiyao Waxisituo of spokesman of national police total bureau says this state, two men that hold machete and dagger broke up to be located in north more in the morning that day the enclosure of province police headquarters of Medan of Sumatra province metropolis enters courtyard, kill a policeman that resting in police box, try to burn police box. Other police is firing a shot firing after the warning is invalid, beat dead on the spot a charge

r, another person suffers serious injury.

Saidiyao says, two charger all are local, police undertook ransacking respectively to it

s abode subsequently, discovery many sharp and organize with the extreme " Mohammedan country " concerned book and banner.

Saidiyao expresses, police suspects charger is " Mohammedan country " proponent.

Force of Indonesian near future assaults incident to happen from time to tome, police also increased blow strength. Indonesian capital Jakarta east one public transportation station will produce the division two cases on May 24 suicidal type explosion makes a surprise attack, cause include two charger inside death of at least 5 people, 10 people are injured.


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