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London apartment conflagration: About 600 buildings are used similar outside wall material

In report will occupy new network on June 23 outside intermediary reports 22 days, day of government office of premier of peaceful street of British the Tang Dynasty says, england has 600 houses building and the Gelunfeierda that produced conflagration a few days ago about (what Grenfell) uses likeness is outer bag Fu; Residence of at least 3 communal gather uses combustible structure outer material.

Premier plum says, afterwards on the west after London will produce residential building conflagration on June 14, the government already aroused detect building of all and relevant house is outer material, among them a certain number of not pass a barrier.

British place authorities estimates, building of 600 high levels

is used datival of likeness of tower of Er of human relations cost outer material.

The data that place of the wall outside Gelunfeierda uses is censured extensively is igneous situation the chief culprit of grow like a weed. This conflagration is brought about illative 79 people die.

Tang Ning street in order to investigate still for

afoot, reject professed Gelunfeierda to whether be used combustible and outer material.

The plum says, relevant place authorities and fire department already were informed those doing not have to pass detected building, but did not explain will take what action.


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